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Acne Cures

A Look at Acne Cures

Antibiotics have fallen out of favour as a way to treat acne because of the problem of antibiotic resistant bacteria and for the simple fact that treating acne with antibiotics has never been very effective anyway. This leaves you with a few choices depending on the severity of your acne and what side effects you are willing to tolerate. The diet-based holistic treatment Acne No More Click To Read My Acne No More Review is the most effective acne cure for most people with the fewest negative side effects.

Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Cures for Mild Acne

We have been using benzoyl peroxide to treat acne for over ninety years. It works by killing the P.Acnes bacteria that infects blackheads and whiteheads and turns them into pimples. This alone would not be an effective acne treatment, but it also has some pore-clearing ability and does a reasonable job of unclogging blocked pores. The best way to use benzoyl peroxide is buy a 2.5% over-the-counter cream or gel. Don’t be fooled into buying anything stronger (including prescription strength) because in this case stronger is not better. Stronger will, however, irritate your skin and cost you more money.

Before applying Benzoyl peroxide, wipe your skin with a salicylic acid pad. This will make the cream or gel penetrate more effectively into your pores, increasing the effectiveness. Remember, B.P. is not very effective for moderate or severe acne but it is an inexpensive treatment that can help mild cases. Apply it in a thin layer over the entire acne-prone area twice per day. If you stop using it, your acne will probably return.

Hormonal Acne Cures for Women

Acne is caused by hormone imbalance and for women, this usually means that you get regular breakouts at a certain time of the month when your ovaries produce excess androgen hormones and other hormones that have a similar acne-inducing effect. You may consider taking a birth control such as Yasmin, or a hormone treatment like spironolactone. These treatments are not for everyone but they can be effective in countering monthly breakouts. Talk to your doctor and be explicit about other medications you may be taking because adverse reactions are a concern with certain medicine interactions. If hormone therapy is not for you, consider the holistic alternatives.

Accuntane for Moderate to Severe Acne

Accutane is an effective acne cure that comes with very severe side effects which make it a treatment of last resort only. It works by reducing the production of sebum, the oily substance that builds up in clogged pores. Accutane has recently been removed from the American market because of the many severe side effects. These include potential liver damage, depression and suicidal thoughts, birth defects, severely dry irritated skin and many more. Keep in mind that Accutane does not work overnight. It can take from 6 months to a year to cure your acne with Accutane and during that time your skin will actually be much worse. If you are in college or have an active social life, the terrible complexion that Accutane will give you – for up to a year – might be something you will want to avoid. Accutane can cost thousands of doctors for the medicine and doctor visits and monitoring. Try one of the holistic acne cures first and reserve Accutane for cases that will not respond to alternative therapies.
Diet-Based Acne Cures

Acne No More is the most-highly recommended holistic acne cure that has been very successful in permanently relieving people of acne. Recent medical studies have reinforced the connection between diet and acne. Certain foods affect your androgen hormone production and the way in which your body reacts to androgen hormones, leading to acne. By changing your diet, or consuming a special diet, you may be able to get your hormones back into balance and have your skin clear up without having to buy medications or take drugs that have severe side effects. These programs are the most cost-effective acne cures on the market today. If you decide to try one of these programs, you will find that your overall health improves as a result. Diet has a dramatic effect on acne and our entire lives.

One overlooked benefit to the holistic program is the speed with which you can see results. Everyone want to cure their acne overnight or stop acne quick. All of the treatments listed here take months (Benzoyl peroxide, hormonal therapy) to a year or more (Accutane) for you to achieve maximum results. The holistic program works quickly. You may start to notice results in as little as a few days to a few weeks. All acne sufferers should try the holistic dietary acne cures before going on Accutane. They are better for your body, cost much less and come with guarantees that your doctor can only dream of.