Acne Diet

acne dietThe idea of an acne diet has been dismissed by dermatologists as a fantasy – how can what you eat possibly affect your skin? Recently, however, actual medical studies have confirmed the link between diet and acne and doctors are slowly coming around to this truth that the holistic community has known for years – acne diets work!

If you remember, one of the major causes of acne is hormonal: androgen hormone production to be specific. Androgen hormones fluctuate with a woman’s cycle and for most people really spike during puberty. What you eat seems to have an effect on androgen hormone production. In fact, researchers now believe that variations on the Atkin’s-style low glycemic diet may the ultimate acne diet.

The specific components of acne diets are closely guarded secrets. For example, Mike Walden has discovered a very effective acne diet and published it in his book Acne No More which I highly recommend. Since he did extensive research and his findings are clinically proven, I can’t blame him for wanting to sell his secrets instead of giving them away.

If you want to create your own acne diet, I recommend that you start with a low-glycemic diet. Avoid sugar and “cheap” carbs. Eat vegetables for your carbs and as a general rule avoid processed foods which tend to be high-glycemic. Now, everyone is different so what you need to do is keep a diary to see which foods are your “trigger-foods.” By that, I mean which foods make your acne worse. Many people find that milk and milk products are terrible trigger foods for acne. If you drink milk, try cutting it out of your diet and see what happens. This goes for everything you eat.

That’s how you can create your own acne diet. It will take time but it’s worth it. Of course, you can’t beat acne with diet alone. A proper diet can certainly help and should be a part of your overall strategy along with proper skin care, stress reduction, and leading a healthy lifestyle. Don’t forget to sign up for my free email series that has lots of great tips about eating properly and the right skin care for controlling your acne.

Most people don’t have the time or will to do the work required to figure out their proper acne diet. I strongly recommend you take a look at my Acne No More review and consider forking over a few dollars for Mike Walden’s excellent acne guide. Save yourself time and frustration. Acne no More is a complete acne bible, and not just about diet. If you are serious about getting rid of your acne, click this link to read my Acne No More review.

I wish you Good luck in solving your acne problem and I think an acne diet is a great part of any treatment plan!