best acne cure

Best acne

What is the
Best Acne Cure?

This is a question I get asked
all the time, and the truth is: What works for one might
not work for another person. This is especially true for acne.
If you look at some of the internet pimple forums, many people
swear by benzoyl peroxide gels, but for me these products were
useless. If you want the best acne cure, you have to look at
your own condition and make some educated guesses about what
stands a good chance of working and what is likely to be a
waste of your time and money. Let’s take a closer look at some
of the products that work for some people.

Benzoyl Peroxide

Gels and creams containing
2.5% benzoyl peroxide can help people who suffer from mild
acne. It works by killing the P.acnes bacteria that infects
blackheads and whiteheads and turns them into full-blown
pimples. Benzoyl peroxide also seems to help unclog pores. It
does not, however, do anything to correct the underlying cause
of pimples which is related to your androgen hormones, not the
surface of your skin. Still, if you have mild acne, the surface
effects may be enough to prevent future breakouts.


Here are a few

1) Never use anything stronger than 2.5% benzoyl
peroxide. Even though dermatologists will prescribe up to 10%,
clinical studies have proven that stronger formulations are not
more effective than 2.5% but will be much more irritating to
your skin. Don’t fall for the “stronger is always better”

2) Apply benzoyl peroxide twice per day in a
thin film. You do not need it more than that.

3) Do not spot treat. Apply it to the AREAS of
your body that are prone to breakouts.

4) Don’t expect it to cure existing pimples.
Benzoyl peroxide will likely inflame and irritate your pimples
so take it easy if you have a breakout.

5) Don’t stop using it if your skin clears up.
You must continue to use it or it will stop working.

6) Wipe your face with a salicylic acid pad
This acid allows the
benzoyl peroxide to penetrate your pores more deeply,
increasing its effect.

7) Don’t bother with “washes” and “cleansers”
containing BP. The truth is that these are washed from your
face too quickly to have much impact. Save your

Again, BP is only effective
(sometimes) for mild acne sufferers since it does not work on
the true underlying cause of acne. While it may help you, we
can’t consider it the best acne cure.

Birth Control

Women may be prescribed birth
control pills containing estrogen. These pills can be quite
effective at offsetting androgen hormone production by the
ovaries. Today’s birth control pills contain less estrogen than
the first pills, but they still work for some women.

Many women discover that they
breakout when they stop taking birth control pills. The pills
were helping them, but when stopped, their androgen hormones
take over and cause acne. Birth control pills are not a cure.
If you stop taking them, your acne will return. Many women
cannot take the pill because of their age, they smoke, or they
do not believe in birth control. Of course, for men they are
not an option! Talk to your doctor about whether birth control
pills are the best acne cure for you.


decades, dermatologists prescribed both oral and topical
antibiotics to fight acne. We now know better. There are
many pitfalls to taking antibiotics, but let’s look at
just three:

1) Antibiotics don’t affect the underlying cause
of acne: androgen hormones. You can still get acne without any
bacteria present!

2) Antibiotic use breeds resistant bacteria.
This is huge. Doctors are prescribing fewer antibiotics for all
common conditions because we don’t want to create drug
resistant strains that we have no tools to fight. It is best to
save antibiotic usage to cases where there is no other

3) Antibiotics deplete the natural flora of your
body. We all have symbiotic organisms that benefit our many
bodily processes but antibiotics kill both the good and the

It doesn’t matter if some
doctors still prescribe antibiotics. They are far from the best
acne cure and will do more harm than good. I suggest you avoid

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