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cure acne

What is the Best Cure Acne

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benzoyl peroxide, the birth control pill and antibiotic


If you suffer from mild acne, a benzoyl

peroxide treatment might be all you need, but for
moderate and severe acne sufferers, stronger medicine is
needed. Accutane has long been trumpeted as the best cure
acne treatment available to acne patients. The truth is,
it works. It is a miracle drug. But it should only be
used as a last resort. The final


My own experience withAccutane

Accutane is powerful medicine that can
have a harsh effect on your body. I speak of experience
since I took Accutane (before other options were
available). Toady I only experience the occasional flare
up of my acne when I am under stress or coming down with
an illness. So I believe in it. But, I wish I had tried
the holistic options first.

Accutane does not work right away. In
my own experience, it took over a year to achieve clear
skin. I had to endure the common complaints against
Accutane: severely dry irritated skin; sensitive skin;
chapped, peeling lips; enflamed, red pimples; dry eyes. I
cannot overstate how irritating these symptoms were to

I was in college and expected my acne
to go away, not GET WORSE for the entire year! I had to
carry around drops for my eyes and medicated ointment for
my lips and when people asked (they noticed) I was often
too embarrassed to tell them that I was the cause of my
condition because I was taking a very strong drug to
fight zits… I often felt like hibernating for a year.
Since my acne actually got worse, Accutane (for that
year) had the exact opposite effect than I was hoping

On top of that, I had to get regular
blood tests and take the birth control pill because of
the risks of birth defects and other potentially severe
side effects. There are many more potential side effects
including depression.

So, Accutane is a remarkable drug if
you have exhausted all the other available treatments.
But don’t take it lightly or allow yourself to get talked
into it by your doctor who might not be aware (or care
enough) about the uncomfortable side effects. Don’t
forget it might take over a year, hundreds to thousands
of dollars, and several courses of treatment, to reap the
benefits. For these reasons I would not describe Accutane
as the best cure acne treatment.

Holistic  Programs

In the past 30 years there have been
tremendous advances made in the understanding of acne and
the influence of androgen hormones on our complexions.
The most promising new cure acne treatment programs are
the ones that attack our androgen hormone difficulties
through special diet and lifestyle changes. The
connections between acne, diet, and hormones have only
recently gained widespread acceptance among some medical
professionals and are still disputed by some
dermatologists who are still prescribing antibiotics in
their fruitless but lucrative attempts to beat

But the truth is, if you suffer from
moderate or severe acne and do not wish to subject
yourself to hormonal treatments (if you are a woman) or
put your body “through the ringer” with Accutane, then a
holistic program is the best cure acne treatment for

These programs (there are several to choose
including MikeWalden’s Acne No More) can
have a dramatic impact on your complexion in as little as
a few days, but more likely over the course of weeks and
months. A side benefit is that by improving your diet,
you will also improve your overall health. You can also
treat yourself with one of these programs without the
need to visit a doctor.

Recommended products

I recommend you check out my reviews of
the top holistic acne products for more information on
why I think they are the best cure acne treatments
available today. If you suffer from moderate to severe
acne, don’t waste your time with topical products. And I
urge you to take a look at the holistic alternatives
before trying Accutane. You will know in a short time
whether they will work for you and you will save a lot of
money in the process. The best news of all is that today,
unlike 30 years ago, when you look for the best cure acne
treatment, there are options. Good

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