Cure Adult Acne

cure adult acne – female adult acne

Cure Adult Acne and Female adult acne

So your teenage years are behind you but you are still getting pimples. Or maybe you are getting break outs for the first time and you’re in your mid-thirties or forties. Who said life was fair? I’m over forty myself and I still get the odd breakout even though I took Accutane many years ago. Research shows that adult acne has a greater negative effect on quality of life than teen acne does. It’s doubly embarrassing since none of your friends has pimples and they might still subscribe to the myth that bad hygiene causes acne. So, frustrated, you plug “adult acne cure” or “acne adult female” into an internet search engine and you come across a million adult acne skin care products that promise to clear your skin but, through trial and error (and lots of money) you find that none of them really works.


Why is that? One reason is that topical medications that show some success on teenagers’ oily skin just irritates drier adult skin and make your pimples worse.  The good news is that you can cure adult acne. Let’s take a look at what causes adult acne in the first place. All pimples have the same basic cause: the hair follicles on your face, neck, back and shoulders shed dead skin cells improperly which clogs the pores and blocks sebum from leaving the follicles. The sebum backs up, swells the area and gets infected by bacteria. The important point here is that dead skin cells “slough off” in clumpy sheets instead of one at a time. This is caused by androgen hormones.  So any adult acne cure has to treat this hormone imbalance to be effective. Your adult acne is not caused by dirty skin so special cleansers can’t cure adult acne.  Now that we know the specific cause of adult acne (and all acne) we can pin point a few contributing factors:

Hormone fluctuations This is why teenagers usually get pimples as puberty causes hormones to go haywire which increases sebum production and also increase the keratin produced in the hair follicle. It’s a one-two punch. In adult acne, particularly female adult acne, hormones fluctuate with the menstrual cycle (once a month break outs) and also during pregnancy and menopause.

Stopping Birth Control Pills (men stay with me!) Female adult acne can be kept at bay by birth control pills that have a regulating effect on hormones. Take away the pills and the effect is gone. What may appear to be a new condition was really always there but was being “treated” by the birth control pills.

Other Medications Sometimes adult acne is triggered by medicines that you might be taking to treat other conditions. These include anticonvulsants, corticosteroids, and sobriety drugs. Female adult acne can be triggered by birth control pills that contain progestins but not estrogen. If you think that your acne is made worse as a side effect of other medication, don’t stop taking the medication until you talk to your doctor!

Heredity Your genes play a big role in acne because your hormonal activity might be inherited. If you have other close relatives who struggle with acne, chances are that it’s in your genes. That doesn’t mean that you should give up, however. Just because your genes make it worse, or explain why you are predisposed has nothing to do with whether you will respond to an adult acne cure.

Stress Guess what? Remember how I told you that pimples were caused by androgen hormones? One of your body’s responses to stress is to produce more androgen hormones. For years dermatologists insisted that stress didn’t trigger acne but now that stress is better understood, they accept the connection. Stress is a huge factor in female adult acne especially for women in fast-paced, challenging careers. Also, since pimples can cause stress in the first place, a vicious cycle occurs where one pimple can lead to more! (MORE…) Continue Reading about Adult Acne medication and products

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