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How to Get Rid of

So you want to know how to get
rid of acne? That’s the million dollar question and
unfortunately the answer is not easy to come by. If you’ve read
my article on what
causes pimples
you know that the problem isn’t
at the surface of the skin. It’s inside. Specifically,
dead skin cells from inside hair follicles block the
pores which leads to sebum building up, swelling,
infection, and there you go – you have pimples. The root
cause is the improper shedding of these dead skin cells
within the hair follicles and that is caused by hormone
irregularities. Ahh… that was a mouthful, huh? The bottom
line? – If you want to get rid of pimples you have to get
your hormones back into the proper balance. We’ll get to
that in a minute.


How to get rid
of Acne
: The Old Way

If you go to a dermatologist,
you will be prescribed topical antibiotics or benzoyl peroxide
and perhaps some oral antibiotics such as tetracycline. This
has been the standard treatment to clear up acne for almost 40
years. benzoyl peroxide gel image

Unfortunately, it doesn’t do
much good for the majority of acne sufferers. Why? Because
these treatments don’t go after the root cause of acne.
Bacteria does NOT cause acne. Bacteria infects swollen
follicles and makes things worse but you can’t get rid of acne
by simply killing off bacteria. Sorry. Doesn’t work. I wish I
could say they do. Really. I wasted thousands of dollars trying
to get rid of pimples this way.

How to get rid of acne:

So if and when you’ve failed
to respond to antibiotics, what’s the next step? You might find
yourself, as I was, prescribed a pill called Accutane. Accutane
is effective. It works by reducing the production of sebum and
also affecting keratinisation within the hair follicle.
Accutane got rid of my acne for the most part. But, and there’s
a BIG but… the side effects from Accutane are ridiculous. It is
a seriously powerful drug. accutane image

Besides the obvious ones like
birth defects, Accutane will make your acne much worse before
it gets rid of it. It took me an entire year to clear up from
Accutane and I had to put up with raw swollen lips, incredibly
irritated skin and frequent blood tests to make sure I wasn’t
doing permanent damage to my liver. Accutane has its place but
it should always be a last resort. Honestly. Don’t go straight
to Accutane. I am warning you. It is harsh stuff. Accutane has
recently been removed from the U.S. market because the side
effects were leading to too many lawsuits.

How to get rid of acne:
Control acne

You may be tempted to buy some
of the literally thousands of topical “acne miracle” lotions
and creams that flood the internet. I wish they worked. But
again these alternatives, because they work at the skin
surface, are going after the wrong problem. Can they lesson the
impact of an outbreak? Maybe. If they unclog pores and kill off
bacteria, I suppose they could make the symptoms less
pronounced. But is that enough? Not for my money. I would
rather beat my pimples (that’s what this site is about!) not
learn to control them so I have to go through a skin care
routine every night and buy more product week after

How to get rid of acne:
Lifestyle is the key

Let’s get back to the
question: “How to get rid of Acne.”  The only way to get
rid of acne is to make changes to your diet that will get your
hormone levels, specifically androgen hormone levels back into
the proper balance. This means cutting down on certain foods
like sugar and milk and certain oils and, dare I say it, adopt
a “healthy” diet that is specifically designed to correct your
hormonal imbalance. It doesn’t take a long time to do this. In
fact, with the right program you can see positive results in
less than a week and be cured of acne in a few months.
And it’s a lot cheaper than Accutane.

Check out my
for more information on programs to get rid
of acne that actually cure the cause of acne instead of just
the symptoms. Good luck!