how to clear pimples

how to clear

How to Clear

how to clear pimples
Here’s a page I put together to summarize some of the
things you should be thinking about if you want to know
how to clear pimples from your face and body.
have more in
depth articles on the site about each point but this might
be all you need to get going!

How to Clear
: Watch Your Diet (especially

The recent success of several
holistic acne treatments has revealed a link between diet and
pimples that has traditionally been disputed by dermatologists.
More health professionals are coming to accept that diet plays
an important role in moderating our hormones and staying
healthy which in turn greatly influences our complexions. When
you get an outbreak, make a note of what foods you have eaten
that might have triggered it. Milk and other dairy products are
common triggers. Cut those foods from your diet and see if your
pimples clear as a result. Better yet, try out one of the
programs I talk about in my reviews. For example the
Acne No More program takes you
step by step through a process to clear your skin naturally
and might be how to clear pimples for you. You can see my
review page here:


How to Clear Pimples: Benzoyl
peroxide + salicylic acid

This tandem works wonders
for mild acne. Antibiotics have gotten a bad rap lately for a
number of reasons. First, they only tackle one of the causes of
acne, the P.acnes bacteria. Since they do nothing to fight the
underlying hormonal cause of acne, antibiotics can have
frustratingly little effect. The exception is that old standby,
benzoyl peroxide. Not only does it kill the bacteria, it is
actually quite good at clearing blocked pores, especially when
combined with salicylic acid which helps it penetrate more
deeply. This is how to clear pimples if you have mild acne. In
more severe cases, the benefits are less. Extra tip: look for
gels containing 2.5% benzoyl peroxide as stronger formulations
are not more effective, except at irritating your

How to Clear Pimples: Don’t rub,
pick, squeeze or pop those

I know it’s tempting and few
of us can resist popping a ripe, juicy pimple but unless you’re
an expert you risk spreading the infection and even increase
the chance that your pimple will leave a scar. Don’t do

How to Clear Pimples: Reduce

Did you know that one of the
main causes of pimples is androgen hormones? Both men and women
have these male hormones that peak during puberty and cause our
faces to go haywire. Do you know why stress causes pimples?
That’s right: stress causes a spike in androgen hormones. So
try to relax. If you can reduce the stress in your life, you
might find that you’re not only happier, but you’ve found out
how to clear pimples from your face. Sadly, the stress of one
pimple can lead to more. Stop stressing about your face. You
are the only one that notices each and every pimple.

How to Clear Pimples: Go back on
the pill.

Many women find that their
complexions get worse when they go off of the birth control
pill. That’s because the estrogens in certain pills help to
reduce the production of androgen hormones by the ovaries. If
you don’t have a reason not to be on the pill, going back on it
might be how to clear pimples that arose when you went off

How to Clear Pimples: Get stuck by
a dermatologist.

If you want to clear a
pimple from your face in a hurry because you’ve got a big event
coming up, call your dermatologist. Often they will squeeze you
in for a quick injection of steroids that can make that pimple
go away in about a day. For emergencies, it’s a pretty good way
to clear a pimple fast.

How to Clear Pimples: Wash your
face properly.

Sounds easy, right? But
there is a right way and a wrong way when it comes to washing
your face. Use a mild cleanser instead of soap and wash with
lukewarm water in the morning and at night. Pat dry with a
clean soft towel and apply a thin non-comedogenic moisturizer
as needed. That’s it. By using abrasives, harsh soaps and
exfoliation products you will irritate and damage your skin.
That’s not how to clear pimples. Keep it simple. One of my best
girlfriends hasn’t even washed her face in five years! I don’t
recommend that, but my point is this: she has beautiful skin!
She just splashes it with a little water and is good to

How to Clear Pimples: Cover it up
and be patient.

I know you don’t want to hear
it but patience is how to clear pimples once you have them.
Prevention is much more effective at fighting acne than trying
to get rid of pimples you already have. Instead of being
tempted to pop, relax and use a powder or water based
foundation (a slight green tint is best) to cover that pimple.
It will probably go away by itself in a few days. Believe it or
not, no one will notice or care about that pimple as much as
you. Now you can focus your energy to trying to prevent them in
the future. Good Luck!