how to cure acne


by Erica Jennings

The traditional methods of treating acne are not how to to cure acne, they are ways to “manage the symptoms” of acne. If you stop the treatments, your acne will return. That’s fine for doctors and drug companies because they keep collecting your money for years. For us acne sufferers,  it is a long road of inconvenient acne skin care regimens, pills that have to be taken on an empty stomach, and putting up with unpleasant side effects until you “grow out of your pimples.”how to cure acne

Ughh!  But does anyone really know how to cure acne? By that I mean does anyone know how to get rid of acne permanently? The truth is there are only two treatments that can be reasonably called an “acne cure.” Accutane and Mike Walden’s Acne No More system. First, I will talk about Accutane and then why I recommend Acne No More.

If you spend thousands of dollars going through multiple cycles of Accutane, it will, most likely, cure your acne. In my case, I did one course of Accutane and I consider myself cured. I still get the odd pimple, but only in times of stress or if I am getting sick with something. The problem with Accutane (besides the fact that it is no longer available in the United States) is that it comes with some pretty serious side effects. Besides the obvious ones like birth defects, liver damage, and suicidal depression (I’m not kidding) are a host of lesser effects that added together can make your time on Accutane excruciating. You can expect your skin and eyes to be extremely dry and tender. Your lips will peel. Your complexion will get really bad before it gets better.  You will need eye-drops, moisturizers and a lot of makeup. You will have to have blood tests to make sure that your body is okay. That’s only for a few weeks, right? Wrong. In my own case, my skin was horrible and painful for six months and was not noticeably clearer for an entire year. (I still, 20 years later, have dry skin issues)

Think about those side effects if you are starting a new job or trying to have a social life in college. Trust me when I say that Accutane, while effective, is not how to cure acne except as a treatment of last resort.

But there is another acne cure that has been known about in holistic circles for years but has (until recently) been denied by the medical establishment and drug companies. Maybe that’s because there isn’t a lot of money in it. But this is the fact: you can cure your acne yourself by following the Acne No More system which includes, among other things, dietary changes. Recent discoveries about the connection between diet and acne have been circulating through the world of medicine. Even dermatologists have been forced to take notice. There are eerie similarities between the case of The Atkins Diet for weight loss, and what is now happening with Acne No More for curing acne.

You have probably heard of the Atkins diet. The basic idea is that you avoid what are called “high-glycemic” foods that cause an insulin response in your body if you want to lose weight. Atkins argued that weight-loss wasn’t about counting calories, it was about avoiding certain foods like sugar and carbohydrates and sticking to vegetables and protein.  He was dismissed by doctors and the so-called weight-loss “experts” who thought it was all just a bunch of baloney. Here’s the thing: The Atkins diet works. (Just like Acne No More works!) It took years and years for people to accept it and the vested interests in the weight-loss game still do everything they can to protect themselves (and preserve their markets) by discrediting Atkins or they have jumped on the band wagon and copied him.

Most of us know someone who has lost weight on the Atkins diet or similar diets such as the Suzanne Somers diet or the traditional French diet which work along similar lines.  The mystery of how the Atkins diet works has led investigators (doctors and researchers) to study how “high-glycemic” foods affect the body. What does this all have to do with our hopes about how to cure acne? Recently a study was published that discovered that certain types of foods affect the way our bodies deal with androgen hormones and how this had a direct link to acne -

The authors of the study noted that:  “Recent evidence has demonstrated that the hormonal cascade triggered by diet-induced hyperinsulinemia elicits an endocrine response that simultaneously promotes unregulated tissue growth and enhanced androgen synthesis, Hence, hyperinsulinemic diets may represent a previously unrecognized environmental factor in the development of acne.”  Source: Berra B, Rizzo AM. Glycemic index, glycemic load, wellness and beauty: the state of the art. Clinics in Dermatology. 2009:27:230-235.

In fact, there are now many medical studies that validate what Mike Walden has been saying for years with his best-selling acne system, Acne No More.

Androgen hormones CAUSE ACNE. We’ve known that for a while. What we didn’t know was how and why food affects androgen hormones. The pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. There is finally a credible medical and biological explanation for the success of Acne No More in the treatment of acne. (although Acne No More was already clinically proven to reduce acne).

What does this mean for you? It means that you now have a better reason than ever before to give Acne No More a try.  Go ahead and click this link: Acne No More Review to see why I think it is worth trying. If you are serious about wanting to know how to cure acne, Acne No More is the way to go.