how to prevent pimples

Erica Jennings

Erica Jennings

“How to Prevent Pimples: Yes it Can Be Done!”

Contributer: Erica Jennings

You want to know how to prevent pimples? Here are the key concepts:


  • 1.Proper skin care
  • 2.Control bacteria
  • 3.Reduce stress
  • 4.Watch your diet  **This is VERY important**
  • 5.Stop smoking
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    Proper Skin Care

    One of the first things you can do to help prevent pimples is to clean your skin the right way. The goal is to avoid irritating your skin and therefore the risk spreading infection. I recommend that you wash your skin no more than twice per day with a mild cleanser such as Cetaphil, and use lukewarm water. Pat your skin gently dry with a soft, clean cotton towel. That’s all.

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    You can inflame your skin and make your acne worse by washing more than two times daily or by using harsh cleansers. A good rule of thumb is to avoid anything like loofahs or astringents that irritate skin. Forget about “deep cleansing” agents or pore strips or “medicated rinses” (they always seem to include them in all-in-one acne regimens). Don’t waste your money. Over-cleaning is one of the most common mistakes and is absolutely not how to prevent pimples!

    Control Bacteria 

    One of the longstanding myths about acne is that it is caused by bacteria on your skin and that if you were cleaner, you wouldn’t have acne. This is completely false. Acne is caused primarily by hormones. Where bacteria comes into play is that it can infect blackheads and whiteheads and turn them into full-blown red pimples.

    WARNING: Avoid antibiotics such as those prescribed by dermatologists. These antibiotics are hard on your system and also can lead to resistant bacteria. Don’t waste your money.

    If you have mild acne, non-prescription creams and gels containing 2.5% benzoyl peroxide might be worth trying. Don’t use stronger concentrations of B.P. since they have not been clinically proven to be more effective. Don’t just spot treat. Spread a thin layer over the areas of your face that get acne. Don’t apply it to areas where you don’t get pimples because it might irritate your skin. You will be eradicating the P. acnes bacteria, but will that be enough to prevent pimples? Probably not, but it can prevent some blackheads from erupting into pimples if you’re lucky. Unfortunately, topical treatment products like benzoyl peroxide are useful in only the mildest cases of acne and I rarely recommend it because it rarely works, and the side effects outweigh the benefits. For most people benzoyl peroxide dries out and irritates their skin, aggravating their acne condition. A much better way to gain control of acne is to use the natural and effective treatment called Acne No More. Click here to find out about Acne No More in my Full Review.

    Reduce Stress

    Have you noticed that you always seem to get pimples when you least want them? Before a big party, or a big date? You might also get them before exams, important meetings and job interviews. Stress can cause breakouts by producing a spike in androgen hormones – the true cause of acne. So another way of preventing pimples is to learn to manage your stress. Try to relax. I know, easier said than done. :)

    Watch what you eat

    Recent medical studies have confirmed that there is a connection between what you eat and acne, even though doctors are only starting to acknowledge it. You should keep track of the food you eat and take note of your break outs. Does something you eat seem to always trigger your acne? Milk is a common culprit. Many people have found out how to prevent pimples by removing dairy and other trigger foods from their diets. Hydrogenated oils, nuts and sugar are other common triggers. Do yourself a favor and check out my ACNE NO MORE REVIEW which goes into greater depth about dietary changes you need to make if you want to prevent pimples. Acne No More’s step-by-step program includes everything you need to know about managing your diet to prevent and control acne. You will not find the information you need through free articles on the internet, unfortunately. This is closely-guarded intellectual property that took a certified nutritionist 7 years to develop.

    Stop Smoking

    There are tons of obvious reasons to stop smoking but if you need one, here’s another: smoking is one of the worst things for your skin. While it may not directly cause pimples, it makes your skin less healthy and more susceptible to getting infected. Now you have a great reason to kick that habit!

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