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pimple cure

Your Pimple Cure Options

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As I said, when I was looking for a pimple cure, I was in college and Accutane was the only game in town. The side effects that I experienced were the common ones: extremely dry and sensitive skin, eyes and lips; worsening of my condition for 8 months and it took a full year before my skin was clear.


Also keep in mind the costs of treatment. Accutane will require continuing doctor visits and blood tests. Then there is the cost of the drug itself which currently runs around $800-$1000 per cycle of treatment. All told, I urge you to consider what I have decided is the best pimple cure on the market: holistic programs.


The Old Way

20 years ago, acne was not as well understood as it is today. Dermatologists were convinced that pimples were caused by a bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes.) They prescribed antibiotics to fight this bacteria, starting with mild benzoyl peroxide creams, and when these proved ineffective, they prescribed stronger topical lotions and oral antibiotics. Benzoyl peroxide was helpful if you had mild acne, but if you had moderate or severe acne, or cystic acne, antibiotics were a major inconvenience for little benefit.


Today, we have made great strides in understanding the causes of acne, and it’s not bacteria. So if you’re looking for a pimple cure, don’t waste your time with antibiotics! Acne is caused by androgen (male) hormones. These hormones (women have them too) cause a double whammy: they increase sebum production and clog your pores from the inside. For a full explanation, read my article: What causes pimples.

The only way to cure pimples is to take care of this androgen hormone problem. Accutane works reducing sebum production. Holistic programs work by adjusting your diet and lifestyle to influence your androgen hormone imbalance. Holistic pimple cure programs have a number of advantages over Accutane:

• No side effects except good health
• They work fast – days to a few months
• Low cost: no doctor visits, monitoring or drugs
• Complexion does not get worse before it gets better

These holistic programs have revolutionized the treatment of acne. For the first time, you are in complete control of your treatment and you’re not just paying for a lot of ineffective antibiotics.

Pimple Cure: Try the Holistic Cures FIRST.

This is the bottom line: don’t use Accutane until you have tried the holistic pimple cures first. They are cheaper, easy to implement, show results quickly, lead to better overall health and might spare you the unpleasant side effects of Accutane. I have reviewed the top holistic acne program in my Acne No More Review section. Read it and you will understand why I think that the holistic route is the best path to take when looking for the best pimple cure. Good Luck!