remove pimples

how to remove pimples

How to remove pimples? There are lots of options but only a few that actually work.

Mild Acne

The best way to remove pimples if you have only mild acne is to use an over the counter combination of 2.5% benzoyl peroxide cream or gel and salicylic acid pads or cream. Here’s how it works: Benzoyl peroxide kills acne causing bacteria and also helps to clears pores. It is very effective for mild acne sufferers and that’s why it is the “active” ingredient in most topical acne medications. Salicylic acid doesn’t do much on its own but when you apply it to your skin before the benzoyl peroxide, the BP is able to penetrate more deeply. If you have mild acne, this is your best bet. Don’t forget to look at my articles on acne prone skin care.


If You’re a Woman

If you are a woman and have moderate to severe acne, you may wish to investigate hormone therapy as a possible option. High estrogen birth control pills, spironolactone and Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Agonists are some of your options. Hormone therapy generally seeks to cut or counteract androgen hormone production by the ovaries and there can be side effects. Talk to your doctor to see if hormone therapy is right for you.

Moderate and Severe Acne

Accutane is a strong drug that is effective in the treatment of moderate to severe acne that is generally unresponsive to topical treatments. Accutane was recently removed from the American market due to lawsuits resulting from severe side effects. Accutane should only be used as a last resort. It will take many months and perhaps up to a year for the results to be seen and in the meantime, severe red and peeling skin can be expected as well as a worsening or your complexion. For this reason, I recommend trying one of the holistic acne treatments to remove pimples first. If you follow the holistic programs you can remove your pimples at a much lower cost and more quickly than with Accutane. The only side effects are better health. Read my product reviews for more information on guaranteed holistic alternatives.

How Not to Remove Pimples:

Squeezing, popping, scratching, picking… You’ll only make things worse! Leave those pimples alone. Without treatment, most pimples clear up in 5-7 days. They can take much longer and spread if you start poking them. Washing – You can’t wash away pimples. Harsh soaps and products will make things worse. The best way to clean our skin is also the simplest. Please see my article on acne prone skin care to see the proper way to clean your skin. Hyped up Acne products – The truth is that most of the heavily marketed acne scrubs, washes, cleansers and pore strips are unnecessary and ineffective. Even if they contain active ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, rinsing them off after a few seconds means that there is no time to benefit your skin. They will not help to remove pimples. Save your money!