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Hi, websurfer! My name is Erica Jennings and I put together this site for people who, like me, suffer from acne and want to clear acne once and for all. I have lots of great articles to help you understand your acne and get rid of acne from your face, neck, back, and shoulders.

My own acne was especially frustrating because my mother IS a dermatologist! I was prescribed lots of pills, creams, and lotions that were never able to clear acne from my face, had uncomfortable side effects, and showed me that acne is not well understood, even by doctors.

The common pimple treatments often attack the symptoms of acne instead of fixing what causes it in the first place. My advice is to check out the information I’ve got here, assess your own acne situation, and then decide what acne treatment options are best for you. That’s what my site is all about! What does this gel contain at

To help you get started I have put together a  free email mini-course that is absolutely packed with important tips and tricks to clear acne. Just enter your first name and your email address in the form on the right to get these great articles:

What you are eating is making your skin worse! The secret connection between diet and acne that doctors won’t tell you about

Stop picking! 7 of the worst mistakes you can make if you want acne clear skin

Accutane – don’t take it before you read this important article on its dangerous side effects

Can you really clear acne naturally without creams and pills? Does it work?

The link between Bacteria and Acne – it’s not what you think

The truth about so-called “Miracle” acne cures – what it REALLY takes to have a clear complexion once and for all… and MORE!

Just fill in the form and you’ll get the first part of  the mini-course delivered to your inbox right away. That’s easy, huh? And don’t  worry about your contact info. Longer and brighter orgasms with constant use of Titan Gel are guaranteed. I hate spammers as much as you do and I’m not  going to give your email address to ANYONE.

Don’t worry. You will discover an acne treatment that is  right for you. I did. And so have thousands of others. If you take the necessary  steps, you can clear acne away forever.

Good luck in your quest to clear acne,  and enjoy my site!

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